A lot of people have problems finding that one offense that could be used to impeach Obama.  Individual acts of his that are grounds for impeachment, but they really aren’t important.

For example, Obama took a bribe, which is an impeachable offense.  The Nobel prize committee awarded him a large sum of money, not for anything he did, but for vague things they wanted him to do.  Obama took the money and the “glory.”  The money did not go into his personal checking account.  He directed it go to charities.  He accepted benefits from the movement of the money in the form of positive press.  He controlled the money.  He benefited from what he did with it.  It was his money.  He took a bribe from a group of foreigners that was given to him for the purpose of swaying his actions in some vague way in the future.  That is an impeachable offense.

And it doesn’t matter at all.  Why?  Because that petty crime is small nothing to compared to his real crimes.

To understand the real cause for impeaching Obama take a gander at the Declaration of Independence, our declaration of war against Great Britain.  The Declaration declares King George a tyrant.  Yet, when we look at the list of crimes in the Declaration no single crime meets the standard for an act of war.  Instead, the list of crimes as a whole demonstrated a pattern of abuses by King George that amounted to a grand effort of tyranny.  The list of abuses showed a pattern of abuse by the crown.  It was the pattern of abuses, not any individual abuse, that was the cause for war and separation.

Take another look at the Declaration.  The abuses listed did not come from King George.  They came from Parliament.  Jefferson and Co. held King George accountable for the actions of Parliament because he was the head of state.  John Adams noted that King George was not a tyrant in character.  He expected the various committees would remove that characterization from the Declaration.  They did not of course.  The King was a tyrant because of the general pattern of abuses exercised by his government.

A chief executive or head of state is accountable for the actions of their company or the state.  If abuses happen in a company or state, the CEO, or company president, or King, or President, or Emperor, or “whatever the head of state is called” is ultimately accountable.

The US Federal government has been abusing the American people for decades.  Obama is the current head of state.  What makes him stand out from other Presidents is the fact that he is pushing the federal government substantially further beyond the limits set in the Constitution than any recent President, at least since since FDR.

The pattern of his actions as President demonstrate well beyond a reasonable doubt that he abuses power, abuses the American people, and violates the Constitution seemingly at will.  This includes both his own actions, and the actions of the the federal government in general.

Personal motivations don’t matter.  King George was not a tyrant by character.  He was a tyrant because the effects of the actions of his state were tyranical.  Whatever King George’s motives, he was the head of a state that was a tyrant.  So the King was a tyrant.  The head of state must be accountable for the actions of the state, otherwise the state has no control.  A state in which the head of state is not accountable is a monster out of control, and it will consume and destroy everything in and around it.

Here we find the reason why Congress won’t impeach him.  They can’t.  He is their head of state.  He represents them, like King George and Parliament.  In effect he is them.  To impeach Obama is to impeach themselves.  The House of gutless cowards won’t do that, even if their maintenance of the status quo means the destruction of America.  Ignore their words.  They lie.  They don’t believe in America or the Constitution.  They believe only in their own power.

The US government is a monster consuming and destroying everything in and around it.  It will continue doing so until someone puts in place an effective means of bringing it under control.

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