Let’s add this to the list of causes for impeachment.  Conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliot have posted a good article in HumanEvents.com about the Obammunist conspiracy.  They discuss how the Obammunists are conspiring and what techniques they use.  It is a high quality article.

Basically the Obammunists are using the law to try to overthrow us.  What’s wrong with laws?  Let’s turn the page back to 1776.  Remember the Declaration of Independence?

The American colonists did not overthrow British rule because the British were breaking laws, violating the rights of the Americans.  Read the list of abuses in the DOI.  It is about the British government establishing tyranny through the use of laws.

When a pattern of abusive laws are put in place by a government run by a self-selected ruling class, the people have not only the right but an obligation to reject that government.

That abusive laws are being put in place by our government today is a given.  I’ve documented some of those abuses in this blog.  Substantially more  abuses can be found with minimal research.

Are we being abused by a self-selected ruling class?  To a large degree, yes, we are.

Between corporate cronyism and union political thuggery an decreasing minority continue to gain more power over the majority.  Obamacare was put in place contrary to the wishes of the majority of the American citizens.  Congress spends crazy amounts of money on useless programs contrary to the wishes of the majority of the American citizens.  So many actions come from government that are contrary to the desires of the majority of sensible citizens.  And the minority of government officials cannot be removed from office.  Some person or group, probably associated with Zbigniew Brzezinski, selected Barack Obama early on as a potential future presidential candidate.  They preened him, and arranged to appropriate political support to place him in as high an office as possible.  How is he not a member of a self-selected ruling class?

The Framers intended for the Constitution to protect the citizens from the tyranny of a self-selected ruling class.  The Democracy they created, like all democracies, is incapable of enforcing its own laws upon itself.  The Constitution needs some teeth before the Democracy destroys what’s left of it.  Unless the Constitution is given some teeth the US is headed into the jaws of tyranny.

The Constitution cannot correct the flaws contained within itself.  Even though it has a mechanism for correction through the democratic process, that democratic process is itself part of the flaw.  An illness does not cure itself.  To correct the flaws in the set of laws we call the US Constitution we must necessarily to go outside the Constitution.  We must add a corrective measure without the Constitutionally authorized process for change.  I only see one peaceful way this can happen.  A President must create the correction by fiat.  A President such as Barack Obama cannot be allowed to create the corrective measure because he does not believe in freedom.  He is a Marxist.

Only by establishing a proper office with the authority to enforce the laws and principles of the Constitution on the democratic government, can the problems with America’s abusive government be curtailed.  The unconstitutional establishment of a Reeve of the Constitution is necessary if we are to prevent our ideal of government of the people, by the people and for the people from soon perishing from the earth.


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