We all know that most of our legislators are bought and paid for by wealthy organizations.  Do know which party is the most controlled by those organizations.  Let’s follow the money trail.  Opensecrets.org demonstrates.


The Open Secrets list shows which organizations give the most money to which party.  The socialist organizations give the most money, and overwhelmingly they give it to the Democrats.   They own the DNC.  The Democrat party is not the party of the people.  It is the party of big government and socialists.

Notice how the organizations that contribute to the Republicans are all being attacked by the leftists.

Notice how the actions of the leftists funnel money to the organizations that give money to the Democrats.

Coincidence?  I think not.  The US is undergoing an extreme power grab by the left.  They are actively trying to take over America and turn us into a socialist state.  Have no doubt about that.

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