We the American Constitutional Conservatives need to create the office of Reeve of the Constitution today.  Here is more proof.  I came across this web page from 2008.  This is from Rense.com by Webster G Tarpley.

Huntington wrote in his American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony (1981):

“If the periodicity of the past prevails, a major sustained creedal passion period will occur in the second and third decades of the twenty-first century. the oscillations among the responses could intensify in such a way as to threaten to destroy both ideals and institutions. Yet the continued presence of deeply felt moralistic sentiments among major groups in American society could continue to ensure weak and divided government, devoid of authority and unable to deal satisfactorily with the economic, social and foreign challenges confronting the nation. Intensification of this conflict between history and progress could give rise to increasing frustration and increasingly violent oscillations between moralism and cynicism. This situation could lead to a two-phase dialectic involving intensified efforts to reform government, followed by intensified frustration when those efforts produce not progress in a liberal- democratic direction, but obstacles to meeting perceived functional needs. The weakening of government in an effort to reform it could lead eventually to strong demands for the replacement of the weakened and ineffective institutions by more authoritarian structures more effectively designed to meet historical needs. Given the perversity of reform, moralistic extremism in the pursuit of liberal democracy could generate a strong tide toward authoritarian efficiency.” (p. 232)


Like Mr Obama, professor Samuel Huntington of Harvard is a close associate of Zbigniew Brzezinski. What Huntington was writing about in 1981 was the trends of democracy to lead towards internal instability and a growing desire for a more authoritarian and less free government.   Their puppet president, Obama, is of course pushing hard to lead the country towards exactly that end.

That is why a Reeve of the Constitution is needed now.  If we the American Constitutional Conservatives do not create the office and set it up with the purpose of preventing the leftist plans from unfolding completely, they will create a leftist version of a Reeve.  Their version will not support the freedom provided by the Constitution.  Instead they will create this monster to destroy freedom.  They are using the flaws inherent in democracy to create autocracy.  They have been working on this for decades.  One of their tools for accomplishing this evil is the presidency of Barack Obama.

Will you take notice and act?




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