Like everyone else who supported Sarah Palin I would have liked to see her run for the Presidency.  I think she would have won.  I think she knows she would have won, and even though she knows she would have won she chose a path where she would be even more effective in bringing about positive change in America.

Sarah’s exit reminds me of something I was reading recently about the list of crimes Declaration of Independence.  It is interesting and relevant to what Sarah is doing.  Even though the DOI lists the crimes as the crimes of King George, the crimes were primarily acts of Parliament, the British legislature.  The King simply gave his approval to the crimes committed by Parliament.  Jefferson held the King accountable.

What we can get out of that little bit of history is the knowledge that the legislature tends to be the primary source of corruption in government.  The King (or President) tends to be the target of blame for actions of the Legislature.) We see that in the nonsense coming at us from Washington DC every day.  The President has some control over what happens after horrible laws are passed, but the main problems begin with the legislature.

Congress is creating the monsterous laws we see coming out of DC.  Congress is refusing to act on its constitutionally required responsibility and stand up to Obama and his administration.  We know that the Republicans have been corrupted, otherwise they would have stood up to usurpuous President Marx and his league of Leftist thugs by now.  As I have documented in my blog, they have more than enough causes to impeach both Obama and Joseph Biden.   Even if the Leftist-controlled Senate will not find them guilty, impeachment by the House is still a very powerful action for bringing the crimes of Obama to the public’s attention, as well bringing to light the corruption of the Senate.  Yet, the Republican controlled House still refuses to fight.  The House Republicans have been corrupted.

Sarah chose to focus on helping changing the character of the Legislature, no doubt because she recognizes that that is where her talents are most needed.  I will do what I can to support her in that effort.

After we take some power away from the Leftists, we can next focus on the deeper and more long-lasting change, which means moving our form of government from what it is today, an inherently self destructive democracy, to a more moral and rational form of government, a constitutional republic based on historical knowledge of what does and does not work, which is what the Framers intended when they drafted our Constitution.  That change requires that we give the Constitution some teeth.

Obama doesn’t stand a chance in 2012.  A Republican, if not a true Conservative, will be in the White House in 2013.  The Republicans will take the Senate in 2012.

IMO, that’s how things stand.

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