As if we need more reasons.  The Marxist-in-chief ignores Congress’ laws and the Constitution at will. Robert Knight documents the short list here.

He ignores The Defense of Marriage Act.

He creates laws contrary to the will of Congress through the EPA such as Cap and Trade carbon laws.

He ignores Obscenity laws.

He ignores the Fifth Amendment and deprives the people of private property without due process of law.

Today we find that he is “overriding” Congress’ “No Child Left Behind” law.

What is most surprising is that the House is not impeaching him already.  I don’t know what is going on with the House, but it stinks of internal corruption in the GOP.

I’ve said in this blog that a fourth branch is needed in the federal goverment; one charged with defending the Constitution from the democratic government; one empowered to require the impeachment or criminal trial of usurpuous members of government.  Today the US is a pure Democracy by Proxy with a constitution.  We need to become a Constitutional Republic which is a minimal federal government, based on proven principles of good government,  empowered only to perform those activities which maintain stable international relations with foreign governments and maintain stable relations between the federated States.  This change cannot happen through the democratic process.  It can only happen through revolution.  Not necessarily a bloody and violent revolution, but a revolution nonetheless.


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