How to Grout Wood Grain Porcelain Tile

Do you know how to grout wood grain porcelain tile? You can learn how to do it from here. A slight wood grain is needed to help the tiles appear more realistic for the both of porcelain and ceramic tiles. You will need a few things to know how to grout wood grain porcelain tile easily using mop, paint roller, grout release, epoxy grout float, water, and brush.

First, the tiles should be damp-mopped. The dust and debris should be removed from the surface of tiles. The dust that has settled between the grout lines should be removed too. Then the floor should be allowed to dry.

Second, a layer of Grout Release should be rolled over the wood tiles. Grout Release will help you prevent the grout from settling into the wood grain of the tiles. This is why you need to roll two of three coats over the tiles right from multiple directions. This is to ensure you have good coverage.

Third, some grout can be scooped out onto the end of the hard epoxy grout float. The float should be scraped across the grout lines of the tiles. They will be moving at 90-degree angle to the joint of both sides. This procedure is to make sure the grout is well packed between the tiles.

Then you need to let the grout to set up for about 10 minutes. The excess grout should be cleaned right after that using a lightly dampened grout sponge. The sponge should be rinsed frequently. It should be worked on over tiles until you think the bulk of the grout has been completely removed.

Last, you can have a scrub brush dipped into water and then apply it to the tiles in small circles. Then you have just finished the lesson about how to grout wood grain porcelain tile.

Instruction for Cleaning Old White Porcelain Tile Tub

Here is the instruction for cleaning old white porcelain tile tub if you think your bathroom needs a facelift. By keeping and maintaining the antique plumbing wares like bathtubs and porcelain sinks, it can be such a chore. This is why you need to keep reading this article so you will be enlightened.

There are things that you need to prepare like water, white vinegar, plastic spray bottle, powdered bleach bathroom cleaner, linen cloth and soft-bristle toothbrush.

First, 2 parts of vinegar can be combined to 2 parts water in a plastic spray bottle. It would need a shake to mix the solution. After that, the surface of the porcelain tub can be sprayed with vinegar and water solution so you can break free the dirt and other debris.

Second, the powdered bleach can be shaken lightly over the surface of your porcelain tile. Then it should be scrubbed gently at the grout between the tiles using the soft-bristled toothbrush.

Third, the powdered bleach can be rinsed away through the running water in shower or tub. The remaining stains and debris can be scrubbed gently but thoroughly using the linen cloth. The surfaces then can be sprayed as a final time using vinegar and water solution. Then the tub can be rinsed using clean water. Then it should be left to dry. Remember that you cannot use scouring pads on your porcelain surfaces. The pads will damage the delicate surface.

How to Select Home Depot Porcelain Tile

Home Depot almost has anything we need related to house improvement and maintenance. It is clear that you can also find a lot of options of porcelain tiles in it! But sometimes we are not grateful enough with a big number of sizes, shapes and designs of porcelain tiles available. We sometimes feel confuse instead. But not today, since we provide you this article so you will find out how to select home depot porcelain tile easily.

You only need a tape measure to do this project. First, the area where you plan to install the porcelain floor tile should be measured. It will give you the idea of how much tiles that you will have to purchase. You can find some tiles come in different sizes too so it is necessary to always bring your tape measure.

Second, you should know what to spend. Since porcelain tiles are varied in price, you might wonder how much you need to pay for one square foot. This is why you need to make a budget so it will help you narrow down the choices. Though you tend to save money while purchasing the tiles, you need to think about the styles and designs too.

Third, you need to make a research about full-body porcelain tile and glazed porcelain tile. You will find each of it offers a certain look that may not fit your home decoration. This is why you can surf online through Home Depot’s official site and then narrow some options down. Last, you should make selection based partly on the area where you plan to install the tiles. And that is how to select Home Depot porcelain tile in a few simple things.

How to Spark Creative 3D Floors in Your House Design

House poses lots of potential for you to play with your creativity and ideas when planning to decorate it. And, of course, there are plethora of spots that you can exploit in your house design. One of many elements that are worth spending effort and money is floors. There are lots of ideas that you can try on. One of the most popular ideas is having 3D Floors in Your House Design. 3D Floor designs can endow your house with the fascinating look without much furniture. In what follows you will get some ideas that you may deploy in your own Creative 3D Floors in Your house design.

Get Some Commercials Sparked in Your Creative 3D Floors in Your House Design

Indeed, commercial can be great sources in getting the most up to date as well as unique theme for your 3D Floors in your house design. There are some great examples you can find in the internet which show you the design of your Creative 3D Floors. You may choose the ads that attract you the most and then get them set on your floor. Alternatively, having some ads bound to some popular movies also can be great choice. Superman and other super heroes movies can be great theme to play with.

Get the Shock from Creative 3D Floors in Your House Design

The other thing that can get you the boost in 3D floors design is having the shocking impact. With the creative 3D floor design, you can shock people passing by through evoking unusual look on your floor. This can be the view of lift explosion and the broken lift as the one in Maxwell morning coffee shock. Well, there are of course lots of ideas you can choose. The ones you have here are some of them.